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 Don't  fall behind in real estate 

Stay ahead of the Game

CAn you keep up?

In an ever-changing real estate landscape, sometimes we struggle to keep up with the lastest trends and adapt our game to the new horizons. 


Who wants to fall behind as they see others around them succeed with all of the new opportunities that are out there? No one.


Land Mentors was formed to help real estate professionals to take advantage of new opportunities in land so that you can succeed in doing something that you can actually enjoy. 



About us

We are a group of successful and like-minded real estate and business professionals who at first not really know what we were doing. We struggled to find a profitable niche that we could not only succeed in but thrive in. 


We chased the wrong opportunities and we have even wasted money on classes that got us nowhere. We have all missed out at some point in our real estate career. Real estate is truly full of full of ups and downs.


Recently, things have changed for the better. We started focusing on the solar land niche and that brought some light to our dark days. We spent over $150,000 before we made a dime which with 20/20 hindsight was not necessary but it also was one of the best investments we ever made.


After all, our initial stumbling paid off. As a small company, we have built over a 7-figure and growing business, finding land for solar development. The industry is growing at over 50% a year and we plan to grow our business even faster. 


We are partnering up with other real estates professionals like yourselves to help you to crush more deals and differentiate yourself from the rest of the market. Our concepts could be applied to almost any parts of the real estate. However, the opportunity for solar is right here, right now and it is massive. 


We are going to give you insight and the tools that you need to crush it in a profitable niche. 

Meet the Land Experts

John Marchefka

Land developer turned solar geek who started out in real estate on the construction side of things. About 10 years ago, he got into land development which eventually led to doing land acquisitions for the top solar developers in the country.Since then he has closed on over 150 solar land deals. He currently owns and manages Land solution, a successful land acquisition firm. 

Kyle ferguson

Business developer turned land geek. Before getting into the land industry, I was chasing big investments from venture capitalists and consulting for early-stage(startup) businesses. I met John about 2 years ago and decided to partner with him on solar land acquisitions. I currently run my own land acquisition firm in partnership with John, Open Land Partners.


Keep up with all the trends in land and real estate

If you are a real estate agent, developer or entrepreneur interested in land deals, GIS, renewable energy, solar development, wind development, real estate marketing or anything similar, reach out to us to find out how we can partner.